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Friday, 21 March 2014

Unity 5 - The Golden Age of Indie Games.

Time has come.

I have been wondering about this for some time. "I need a blog... I NEED a blog...". Truth is that it can be hard to find something worth to write about. Something that will take great importance in your life for a long time...

Unity just made my life easier. With the announce in the GDC of the version number 5 of the engine, Unity Technologies shows the world that it is worth to invest your time and effort in a project with future.

Unity 5 new material shaders. Brought to you by a nun statue.


So... what is new in this version? As you probably know already, the new version of unity will more powerful and faster, both inside the games and the editor. On the top of that there is a huge list of improvements that you can see in the video:

  Unity 5 promotional video. Some hot shit.

Now I would like to focus on the two items I consider the most important of the list. It is just a dream come true to see the two biggest limitations of the engine disappear in the near future.

1. New GUI system

Most of the Unity developers agree. The actual gui system is good for prototyping fast interfaces, but sucks if you need to do some cool and professional HUDs. Nowadays it is almost compulsory to get NGUI or Daikon is you want to achieve a high quality level in your game. Did I mention that it will also work with the 4.x versions?  
  New interface system in action. Finally makes sense!

2. Web without plug-in

BEST. NEWS. EVER. The Unity Web Plug-in was only reason why flash is still around. Sorry, Adobe lovers. I also liked flash back in the time, but the truth is that it is nowhere near what Unity offers. There is still a big market in 2D browser games and I cannot even imagine what amazing games will be created with Unity.  
Next Gen for browsers. They could use better looking examples, tough... ¬¬

What do YOU think?
What is your opinion about the future of the videogame industry? Do you agree with me in the most important points of the new version? Do you think that mambo number 5 will be played in the splash screen of all Unity games?  
Good news have to be celebrated. Oh yeah.

Link to the official page: Here  

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