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Monday, 19 May 2014

RTS Unity Tutorial Together. Part 1 - Prototyping

This is the beginning of  our adventure... an "Alien adventure"...

That's right folks! The winner of the poll that I posted on my previous article was Extraterrestrial Corporations (from now on: ET Corps). I am happy because this was, in fact, my favourite option :)

Here are the results of the survey:

In the end the results were tighter that I expected at the beginning.

It's time to kick start this tutorial, but first of all... What is the first thing you should do before you actually doing anything? That's right, THINK. :)

At the beginning of the development cycle of a game you will have plenty of ideas. The hard part is choosing between them and decide what you really want to create. Test your ideas as fast as you can so you can discard the bad ones as soon as possible. I talked about this before and the truth is that you will never have enough prototypes!

In this post there will be no code or explanation about how unity works. Instead it will be about game design and early video game concepts. The prototypes shown on this post will help us to decide the aesthetics of the game, rather than the game play. Making different game play prototypes should be compulsory in a real project, but a little bit "expensive" for this tutorial. This said, let's get to work :)

Monday, 5 May 2014

RTS Unity Tutorial Together. Part 0 - Idea Selection

Welcome to the RTS Unity Tutorial Together (temporary name :P). A project I want to develop posting here what I do it and why. At the end of the development process we will have a fully playable game and a nice tutorial to learn.
Video game development in a nutshell. Let's waste some technology ;)

I plan to make this tutorial with you, that means that everything will be done on the go. There may be back steps and refactoring on the development of this game. Tutorials usually show step by step how to make a video game, like a recipe. The problem is that that is not the real way video games (or any program) are made. I hope you will enjoy going with me through all the process. :)