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Monday, 9 June 2014

RTS Unity Tutorial Together. Part 2 - Top Level Game

Resources... we just need one... Zoltoids, Zoltoids, Zoltoids! :D

Hello every one and welcome to the second part of ETCorps! Today... Resources!

We will start to implement the most basic skeleton of the game. Since the game is about resource collecting and money, I decided to implement this first. Many things are still not definitive but there is already a lot to explain in what I did for this post.

Before we continue I want to make something clear. This is not a step by step tutorial targeted for people that don't know how to program or don't have basic knowledge of Unity. That doesn't mean that if you are that kind of person you should stop reading now. Please don't stop reading :)

The reason behind this decision is that there are already amazing tutorials for that and if I will be expending time on that the scope of the tutorial should be reduced. All in all, every time I will not explain something in detail I will try to add some reference to a tutorial that will explain that topic. If you find yourself lost, check this tutorials.

Let's Roll.

Here is the result of this tutorial, in this post we will talk about how to get here. From design decision to implementation. If you want you can download the full branch of this part of the tutorial in this repository.