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Friday, 25 July 2014

Northwards of Roswell. Update 2

Welcome to Roswell. A land of opportunities... in Alien Science :)

This update will be short. I spent last two weeks working hard to integrate pathfinding and AI in Northwards of Roswell. It was mostly a matter of learning, but it is great to start to see the first results of it :D

In the road map of our prototype we will need enemies! In Northwards of Roswell, the basic enemies will be the local farmers. They are not too much of a threat, unless they come in the numbers.

Our friendly fellas lookin' to the sky.

Low poly awesomeness.

Integrating pathfinding in Unity was super easy thanks to the Astar Project plugin. It is really user friendly and free! It provide so many opportunities that I am sure we will use it until the end of the project since it allows for many dynamic options.

Pathfinding thanks to Astar Project. The farmer follows the player avoiding the house.

Integrating AI required from me learning about Behaviour Trees(BTs), used in the Rain Plugin. Behavior trees are a very popular way of creating intelligent beings in video games. The alternative are states machines. The great advantage of BTs is that scale really better and handle complex AI systems in a way that is much better to read. On the other hand, the concepts they use are not so obvious for beginners. Rain is also free.

AI thanks to Rain Plugin. The farmers are idle until the UFO comes in range of sight.

Here comes the demo of this post. New stuff are the farmers, they will follow you if they see you, and start to turn around once they lost you. Simple proof of concept of pathfinding and AI. :)

Click here to play the demo in higher resolution.

Thank you! If you haven't already, you can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

What other enemies would you like to see in the game? Should enemies fight or scape for help? Any other questions? Please ask! :)

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