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Friday, 17 October 2014

Northwards of Roswell. Update 4

That sweet moment when your game starts to be playable. Designing missions is so cool! ^^

Hello everyone one more time :)

This update is the most important up to date. We finally managed to finish our first real prototype. It took longer than expected (it always takes longer than expected :P), but the most important thing is that it is here and you can try it.

This will be anyway a great opportunity to collect your feedback! We prepared a small proof of concept of our gameplay that you can play and tell us what you like or hate about it :)

Here, a cookie... I mean... armadillo. You know, for testing the demo :)

You can spawn your hybrid army to defeat almost harmless local fauna. Fun! eh? :D

I am very proud to present you our first demo mission. What we could call a small but complete prototype. It will be very valuable for us to know if we should continue with the development of the game.

In the demo you can experiment some of what we consider key mechanics of our game. Abduction, spawning, sneaking and fighting :)

Click here to play the demo in higher resolution.

Thank you! If you haven't already, you can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

What do you think about the game at this state? How was your feeling about the mission? Do you think this game is missing any key feature? We would very happy to hear your impressions and opinions! :)


  1. Looks great! Love the game play mechanics :)

  2. First things first: YES you have to move forward with this game. Why? Because (I believe) there's no other games like it on the market now. So you've found a niche to go big with!

    The music is still playing in my head, although there's better be some variation in the full game. :D

    Great idea, eating sheep (pulling them up) for energy/hit points. It's slightly familiar but rather satisfying that you just were able to ingest a sheep for "life". :D

    Warning: I can see that ingesting sheep, and finding the objects will get stale rather soon, so a wide variety of puzzles, even with over-lapping levels where you have to return to level x to find the piece of the puzzle which you couldn't access before, would maintain the interest level of the players.

    Hmmm, how 'bout space craft customization, in the remote farm barn. (?New textures/colors, features, etc. )

    P.S. Controls weren't really obvious. Played and died about 3 times BEFORE realizing how to drop my minion to fight the chickens/farmers... and it wasn't too clear that I could pick anything up either. :P

    Well, good luck! Keep goin'!

    1. Ahem, I was playing a little more and wondered if the farmers might drop "loot" hehehe, like power-ups or "DNA" which you can use to "Upgrade" your minions between levels (back in space, within your spaceship) or at that remote barnyard... :)

      - Justin from

    2. Hello Justin!
      Thanks a lot for the amazing feedback! :)
      Myself and the team apreciate it greatly and we will consider many of the points you mentioned and will look again into the UI.
      Cheers! :)

  3. Your posts do not need to have sophisticated vocabulary.