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Friday, 28 November 2014

Please, kill the Virus. Update 1

Please, kill the Virus... the new future sensation :)

Hello everyone!

I will briefly introduce you to a new game prototype that has been under development for the few previous weeks. The name is "Please, kill the Virus" and it is a high-score, small game for mobile devices that the Roswell Team we are creating for the gamesJam competition. There you can play the game, or give some feedback, even if you don't speak Russian (like me :)).

"An arcade puzzle game about fighting viruses in microcosm."

The mechanics are very simple, you drag your gun around the circle and tap to shoot. Different kinds of viruses will spawn from the core and you will have to shoot with the right antidote (colour). But be careful, shooting the wrong colour can have undesired effects! Also if you don't will viruses fast they will become more dangerous over time.

The game is being developed using the latest uGUI from Unity 4.6 :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Unity 4.6 - Simple Tutorial, Vuforia Augmented Reality.

If you are planning to migrate your Vuforia project to the new Unity 4.6 uGUI system you will want to know a couple of things. You will not only take advantage of the new user interface tools but also the Event Systems and Raycasters. In this post I will explain briefly how to detect mouse and touch events over the Augmented Reality content.

Vuforia Unity Plugin is at the moment the best option out there to create multi-platform AR applications and definitivelly the easier to use. The guys at Qualcomm did a great job integrating the Vuforia plugin in the Unity editor in such a way that it is almost inintrusive in the Unity Engine itself.

In Mofables, we are working on an AR project using Unity 4.6 and Vuforia 3.0.9. In the future I will write about the experience of creating a Augmented Reality board game that uses a phone or tablet to work. So far it has been an amazing journey to the unknown, but it is still not finished and we have still much and more to learn. On the meantime I write this post to explain the how to create simple interactive setups.

Prototype AR board game ROAR!.