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Friday, 30 January 2015

Please, kill the Virus. Update 3

Your mission? Be the heart.

Hello one more time! :)

Last time I said we were leaving the prototyping stage for "Please, Kills the Virus"... I lied...xD

We have some new members in the team so we can afford some extra work :)

I love the freedom of a project in early stage, all the possibilities to explore. Most of the time is more rewarding that developing a full product. That's is why we created two more prototypes in addition to the 4 previous. I have to say that the last one is really promising. :)

The first prototype we developed was with the idea of creating cells that catches the viruses. Basically you draw circles with your finger around the viruses and kill them, just like in the famous Ninja fruit.

Ninja Virus Evolution. Nice to play in the phone :)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Unity 4.6 - 14 tips to choose your UI System. New Unity uGUI vs NGUI.

Unity 4.6 new graphical user interface system (uGUI) has been with us already for a while now and I have been personally using it since the beta. Time has came to make a fair review about it and its bigger competitor, NGUI. Tasharen NGUI has many years of advantage over uGUI, way before even native 2D in Unity.

I will spoil the whole post saying the obvious already... NGUI is better than uGUI in pretty much everything that you could develop at the moment. Myself I held high expectations and I felt disappointed about it. Then why am I writing this? I would like you to make a wise decision for the future projects :)

uGUI vs NGUI. Everything is always explained with animals... :)