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Friday, 30 January 2015

Please, kill the Virus. Update 3

Your mission? Be the heart.

Hello one more time! :)

Last time I said we were leaving the prototyping stage for "Please, Kills the Virus"... I lied...xD

We have some new members in the team so we can afford some extra work :)

I love the freedom of a project in early stage, all the possibilities to explore. Most of the time is more rewarding that developing a full product. That's is why we created two more prototypes in addition to the 4 previous. I have to say that the last one is really promising. :)

The first prototype we developed was with the idea of creating cells that catches the viruses. Basically you draw circles with your finger around the viruses and kill them, just like in the famous Ninja fruit.

Ninja Virus Evolution. Nice to play in the phone :)

The next idea and the one that will most likely be developed completely is the one where you are the heart, and have to fight the viruses inside the circulatory system that are a threat to you. In order to do that, you need to control the heart beat by tapping on the screen regularly. It's very nice effect and quite hooking once you start to hear the beats :)

Viruses spawn at one side of the screen and move using my custom variant of the Custom Path that prevents them from scaping from their own lane creating a nice fake Perlin noise. This code will still be improved, but if someone out there is interested in the code I will create a blog post about it.

The rules of the game are simple, if you keep the heart beat rate too high or too low, you loose health points. To recover health points you have to return the heart beat rate to a moderate level. Viruses that reaches the heart will damage it.

Pump it pump it! But don't get too excited... :D

One thing you may notice if you are experienced in Unity is that we stopped to use Unity 4.6 UI and started to use NGUI instead. If you want to learn more about the why of this decision you can check here.

Here is the demo! You can click the play button to check the latest prototype or choose one of the earlier with the buttons above. I forgot to tell you... you cannot win in this game... Hope you like it :D

Click here to play the demo in higher resolution.

What do you think of the new prototypes? Do you like more the first one or the second one? Is too hard?
Do you think this game could make sense in the current mobile market fauna? Thank you, and see you again soon! :)

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  1. Do you guys manufacture virus too? My phone just shut down and shown on my screen produced by unity which is the same logo as yours