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Friday, 24 April 2015

How to detect Collisions in Unity. Like a BOSS.

Any game developer beginner has asked himself at some point... how do I know if my character collided with the enemy? or reached the end of the level? or a little bit more specific, what part of the body of the character was hit with the enemy bullet? The answer to all this questions is in the Unity Physics Engine. Thanks to it you will have the most ridiculously easy way to integrate physics into your game (like a line of code? :D)

As I said in my previous post about Delegates and Lerp, this is the next in the family of "Like a BOSS" tutorials. They are simple and straight to the point. I focus on the best utilities I find for each of the components and my best practises with them. In the post you will find an example about Collisions in 2D and at the end you can enjoy the full git project :)

Collisions are of the first things you probably learnt while doing the unity official tutorials. Using collisions is probably one of the simplest things in Unity. Then why am I writing a post about it? Surprisingly, many people find problems while working with them, silly errors due to how they work most of the time. I will try to show you the way of efficiently working with them, avoid this errors and give a little bit more indepth utility like detecting the exact point of the collisions.

(Almost) All kind of colliders in  Unity. Some of them I didn't even knew xD

Friday, 3 April 2015

One year Game Development blog Post-Mortem.

Game development blogs, or heavy technical blogs in general, are not the best source of visits for your web page if what you are looking is for big numbers. However, you will get high quality in your visitors. People will read your long posts even if they don't have many pictures are just a bunch of lines of code. Attracting people to read your posts is not so hard neither, but making a living out of it is practically impossible :)

Although the name of the post suggest the dead of the blog, that's not going to happen, this is just a retrospective. Exactly one year ago I started to write this blog and I wanted to share with everyone the stats behind it. Curiously it is quite hard to find such stats from other blogs, so I hope this post will help someone to compare their own stats and maybe encourage to share their own :D

On the personal note I would like to share my feelings about this "milestone" ^^. It's been greatly gratifying to write this blog and I would totally recommend it if you are considering starting your own. I have the feeling that I get more than I give into this (not money nor time, obviously... but anyway xD). For example, every time I tutorial I learn new things I didn't know. It also helps you to put in order my ideas.

My tip to keep your blog alive this long? Plan ahead and set a regular time frame for your updates. It shouldn't be a tight period of time but it should be constant. For me is every 3 weeks. If you never miss any update it will become a routine. Guaranteed! :D

27 published posts
+100 Social Media Interactions
+3€ Revenue xD
+50000 total visits
+130 daily visits

The long term goal is to create a collection of good posts that attract visitors without promotion.