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Friday, 26 June 2015

Rombo Games. Update 1: HippoThesis.

Rombo Games has been born! It's official! :D
Hello everyone!

Today I will be short. I have been working hard lately, but like always, work produces its results. I am now officially co-founder of a new company called Rombo Games! :D

Rombo Games will make hybrid games. Hybrid games are those that use physical board game components and mobile apps, just like Roar. Thanks to private investors the company is already live and I am ready to present you our first prototype, HippoThesis!

HippoThesis. Play and learn how to do real sciene!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Localization in Unity for free! Asset Store Review.

Learning how to localize your game in Unity is much easier than you think. I have to admit, that it was one of the things that "scare" me most of creating professional level video games. Fortunately, Unity is lucky enough to count with SmartLocalization on the Asset Store. Since it is one of my favourite assets on the store I will ignore the fact that it is more than two years old and it has already plenty of reviews and I will make my own :)

Localization, also called l10n, is a term that covers everything that will make your users from around the globe feel like they are at home whenever they turn on your game. This means that not only text should be localized, but also pictures or audio. Ideal localization should be also done on the fly depending of the user preferences without affecting the performance of the game. Before localizing, ROAR! I had very clear that this is what

The good news is that SmartLocalization is this and much more! :)

The better news? It's free! :D