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Friday, 26 June 2015

Rombo Games. Update 1: HippoThesis.

Rombo Games has been born! It's official! :D
Hello everyone!

Today I will be short. I have been working hard lately, but like always, work produces its results. I am now officially co-founder of a new company called Rombo Games! :D

Rombo Games will make hybrid games. Hybrid games are those that use physical board game components and mobile apps, just like Roar. Thanks to private investors the company is already live and I am ready to present you our first prototype, HippoThesis!

HippoThesis. Play and learn how to do real sciene!

HippoThesis was one of the 3 ideas we posted in our web page and the winner of the voting as the best project for our upcoming Kickstarter. It is a family game for kids and parents where they can enjoy together logical puzzles and the fun of experimenting in the laboratory.

In particular the game is focused on the small particles of the world like: Quarks, Bosons or Electrons! Thanks to the mobile device you will be able to combine them in the particle collider and learn about their secret properties! The player who will publish more researches will be the winner (almost like in real life :P)

Components are ready for testing! Not looking bad for a prototype :D

But let me introduce you our lovely particles! They are so cute that will be hard to get rid of them after the prototype phase. However, it was fun to create them as 3D models :P

"Quark Top" agrees that this will be a good game :)

Here you have a sneak peak of how the combination of particles look at the moment. Just put two cards in the "Research Centre" and let the magic begin! You will have to observe carefully the outcome of the combination and be careful not to produce dangerous radio-active results!

This prototype was developed with Unity 5.1 and Vuforia 4.2. Finally it was time to upgrade our projects and maybe I will make a post about how to go from Unity 4.6 and Vuforia 3 to new versions :)

The closer representation of a "kid-friendly" particle collider we have so far :D

HippoThesis is an ambitious game. It's obviously educational but it doesn't simply want to teach science in theory but also in practise! In order to win the game the players will have to master the scientific method :)

Our company and project are still very young and everything can change, but you can be sure that you will hear more about them soon! Later this year we have planned a Kickstarter with HippoThesis and it will be ready for Christmas! :)

Was this the first time you hear about hybrid games? What do you think about them in general? Do you think this will make a great Kickstater project? Hope to hear from you! :D


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