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Friday, 11 December 2015

Rombo Games. Update 6: MishMash Galaxy!

After Publish or Perish Kickstarter ended we started working on a new game! Let me present you Mishmash!

This is a re-post from Rombo Games development blog: Merge the Fun. I will post more stuff about this game there than here, since MishMash is a regular card game (with no app or AR technology behind). Still, I would like to inform you about the game design decisions here :)

Mishmash Galaxy is a game of good planning and foresight, where players compete in creation of a plenty of utterly imaginary substances and mixtures! Mix Adamantium, Plasteel, Durasteel and many more, plan your moves ahead and contribute to the most experiments to win.

Just to make it clear, this is not a remake of Publish or Perish! It's a new game that shares few of the concepts with the previous one (yes, we love scientists... :D ), but Publish or Perish is something we want to come back later on!

Mish-Mash is not a hybrid game unlike our other games, this means that there will be no app necessary for playing the game... at least for now this will be a regular Board Game.

Players: 2-5 | Game Duration: 45-60 min | Complexity: Medium

Let's talk a little bit about the game! The rules are very simple. On the table there are a set of mixture cards (like blueprints) that need to be completed in a semi-collaborative way between all the players. Players turn themselves to place the necessary ingredient cards upside down that will help to "complete" the mixture cards. When a mixture is complete the player that contributed more ingredients will get more points! Sounds easy but... both ingredient and mixture cards have special effect that get activated at this point and can entirely change the outcome!

The most fantastic thing of the game is that all the cards that you use will have their effect activated later on! Planning is the key and of course, forgetting the effect of the cards you played before can be very bad for you! xD

A crazy game about outsmarting your friends and family, stealing their achievements and claiming all the fame and glory of the discoveries for yourself! :D

RULES OF THE GAME (Version 0.1)
MIXTURE CARDS (Version 0.1)

Are you interested in knowing more about the game? Visit our BGG thread and leave us a comment! :)

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