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Friday, 17 July 2015

Rombo Games. Update 2: Publish or Perish.

Publish or Perish, the Hybrid game for young scientists! :)

Hello once again! ^^

I'm publishing an update of the progress of our latest project at Rombo Games! In the last update I was talking you about HippoThesis. Well the project has evolved! It has now a new name: Publish or Perish.

Publish or Perish is a hybrid board game about being a scientist! We want to tackle the challenge of creating an educational game that not only teaches you the theory behind sub-atomic particles but also the practise of the scientific method! It's been designed as a family game simple enough for kids to grasp it but offers a competitive challenge for adults as well. And of course, it's super fun! :D

Prototype keeps steady progress! Soon more and more! :D
Our aim is to capture the essence of the publish or perish motto. As a scientist you need to struggle with the decision of continuing your research and risk that other person will be faster than you or publish your findings to be safe but waste the opportunity of more discoveries.

The progress of the Particle Collider animation with Augmented Reality.

The best thing of the game is that is based on real science! It describes experiments similar to the real ones, which are performed nowadays by physicists. The real researchers are looking always into unknown, and currently are trying to discover the supersymmetry. In this game you'll study effects of an even more exotic property of elementary particles, proposed by us, called the Hypersymmetry factor.

And of course there is a Collider... and collisions... many collisions! :D

Large Hadron Collider from CERN, looks like a nice toy for smart kids! :D

I hope next time I will have more time and things to show from this project. It's been very busy since Roar! is finally on the stores! I also started to write in another blog called MergeTheFun, be sure to check it out! And remember see you on the Kickstarter in September! :D

Would you be interested in backing this Kickstarter later this year? Do you want to know more details about the mechanics or rules in the game? Do you have any feedback regarding the look and feel? Looking forward for your comments! :)