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Friday, 25 March 2016

Two year Game Development blog Post-Mortem.

Hello everyone! Two years ago I embarked in the journey of blog writing. My main hope was to try to return the favour to the Internet that so much tough me (also coinciding with the announcement of unity5). The truth is that keeping this activity for so long it hasn't been so easy... Being a game developer is my dream come true and if the lines on this site helped a simple person to become one as well then all the effort was well worth it!

I can happily say that I kept my promise of updating this page at least every 3 weeks for the last 2 years! This itself is a nice achievement for me, the best thing is that the numbers behind this post were one of the things that kept me going. That's why I will be sharing them with you. Last time I posted a review of the first year. Check it out if you want to compare the progress :)

I would like to somehow apologize because as time has passed I haven't been expending so much time here as I could. Many things has happened to me on the meantime and I have been mainly sharing my personal projects here instead of writing some tutorials or tips. During the previous year I founded a company, run a Kickstarter, got my first boardgame Roar published, wrote many posts in Merge the fun blog and found a new job as Unreal Engine Developer.

And this is getting us to the point I wanted to get... This time the post mortem is real... I will not be writing more on this blog (on a regular manner). There is stuff I would love to tell you about but from now on I will rather focus on the quality over quantity. Also my posts will be more about game development in general now that I will not be working with Unity for a while :)

I think that is enough of my thoughts! Let's show the numbers (In brackets we have numbers from previous year)^^

44 published posts (27)
+150 comments (82)
+125 Facebook likes (100)
+11€ Revenue (3)
+125000 total visits (50000)
+200 daily visits (130)

Stream of visitors has become pretty stable since previous year.

Top 3 posts are clearly on the run, all of them tutorials.

Almost all the traffic comes from Google, followed by Facebook Groups and Unity Forums.

Hello readers from USA! :D

Proportions remain similar but iPhone surpased Android on this blog ;)

That's all! I say this with a tear in my eye ;,) As I said see you in my next sporadic posts!

Also if you have a blog yourself and you would like to share your data that would be amazing! Thanks everyone! ^^


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